OOTN:Remix for the Season

Ok so this outfit was oringinally worn for a girls night out by my friend a major wardrobe malfunction. So it then was worn as a late night date with the hubby!!I wanted go out looking this cute!!LOL
Sorry for the quality...I could not find my camera at the time,so I used my 2MegaPixel camera phone LOL

And no this isnt a case of deja vu, I just remixed my outfit from my Harry Potter 7 movie date outfit. I went with a brown belt and tan blazer instead!!


SheDel said...

I definitely like this outfit with the blazer!!! really jumps it up a notch. LOVE IT

Iman Coco said...

oh thank u ma'am!!!i like to switch it up sometimes lol

TeTe said...

I love this with the blazer. LOVVVEEE your hair!


Iman Coco said...

thank u so much!!yeah i like it with the blazer better too lol