Sincere Hair:Blonde

Temporary Hair Color Spray
So I desperately want to be blonde again!I've played with different variations of blonde since my relaxed days!I've even had people asked me if its my natural hair color because the color compliments me very nicely.

I pretty much messed myself up with dying(permanently) my hair blue black a couple of years back. It literally has taken me years to even get to the gradual light brown I have now. I know I know, a trip to the salon will have to be in order but I am NOT looking forward to the price tag. 

Do you have any hair color that you love experiment with?


Sincere Summer Plans:Travel

Even though I adore cuddling by the fire,drink hot cocoa and wearing thickly knitted scarves around my neck in the winter, I absolutely LOVE the feel of Summer. It's a great time of year where you can get kissed by the sun. 
I love the carefree spirit that seems to linger in the air during the Summer months. You can wear minimal clothing and sunglasses everyday with no cares! 
Summer is also a great time to travel for outdoor fun;here a few places we plan on visiting this Summer!

Great Smokey Mountains


Georgia Canyons

What are your Summer traveling plans?

Sincere Favorites:Lust Worthy Bathing Suits!

Now that the warmer months are upon us,I am dying for some sun soaking action! When I lived in SC I was less than 1 hr 30 min from the nearest beach. Now living in Atlanta,I never realized how much I took advantage of being a beach bum. Luckily I have a pool in my neighborhood to get my sunbathing going when I feel the need. 
But until my next beach vacation, I will be drooling with decisions on which swim suit to cop next!!

forever 21

forever 21

forever 21



Sincere Trends:The 70s Are Back!

The 70s are coming back and I LOVE IT! Anyone that knows me knows that I am such a flower child. Not only do I love the freshness in the fashion from the 70s, but the music and celebs from that time frame amazed me! At times I feel like I was suppose to be in my 20s during this decade!!

All of the clothes above are from Asos.com
What are your favorite trends this season?


Wedding Day Inspiration

Hey guys,so if you've been following me you will know that I have gotten engaged!! Now I was proposed to back on Christmas 2014, so I am out of the "honeymoon stage" for being engaged.
Not to say that I am not totally head over heels, still floating on cloud 9 with planning our wedding;but I've become so overwhelmed with ideas that I lose my engagement glow. To keep my excitement going I've created a 'Wedding' board on my Pinterest account to give me ideas on everything from engagement photos(still not taken yet LOL) to cake decor!

Here are a FEW of ideas I'm still contemplating on when it comes to style of wedding!