Fall Haul


Thrifted, Goodwill

Target, $8

Thrifted, Goodwill

Thrifted, Goodwill. I know it may look terribly ugly LOL but i swear the way I will wear it won't be in a tacky way!!!PROMISE
Hi guys so I finally have my internet back and I HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES LOL LOL. But over the past month I have done some shopping all over and bought some cute things for the fall...


SheDel said...

you are such a thriftshionista. i so love the things you find!!


Yolandaas said...

Thanks for the comments! Great buys.. I especially loove the jumper & blazer x

Fashion Pad said...

Oh I definitely love that blazer! HOT! And that jumpsuit will be awesome! Super cute finds. Lovely blog, I'm now following ;-)


Iman Coco said...

@SheDel omg thank u ms lady!!!and dido to u too!!!

@Yolandaas no prob,thank u so much

@FashionPad thank u ma'am i appreciate that!!!