Alert:Most Favorite Music Video Ever

I'm pretty sure you guys have seen the new music vidoe release from Rihanna with the song "We Found Love". If you haven't you are truely missing out!!LOL This video was so intense and amazing to me!I had the greatest love story that I personally think a lot of people can relate to or either dreams about!!A powerful love that may not be the best for you but it seems to be even more damaging to you if you are not with that person.The main guy as her lover in the video was such a hottie!!!But a part of me sort of thinks she chose him to may be give a look into her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The guy was sort of a resemblence of him,even down to the blond fade cut!!But either way I loved this video and the outfits were absolutely amazing!!I could not stop watching for the fact of seeing what would happen next or what she is wearing next!!I love Rihanna so much and I only hope I get to meet her one day when I dip into my fashion industry dream career as a wardrobe stylist and designer!!!


Dawn (Sassy) said...

After visiting your blog I watched this video and I absolutely love..Now I even love the song...

Thanks for the tip




Iman Coco said...

hahah i know the song is so addictive!!thanks!!