Homecoming OOTN

Blazer and Belt:Thrifted,Dress:Express,Flower and Boots:Payless
This past weekend was my homecoming weekend at the college I attend!!!Don't think I mentioned it before but I attend USC-Columbia and our colors are garnet and black,so I tried my hardest to show some school spirit with the 'fit!!!I just went out for some drinks with my boyfriend and meet up with some friends to celebrate and have a good time!!!


Kanesha said...

Omg a fellow SC blogger! I had no clue u went to USC, I go to Upstate! I love this outfit..the red is so fitting of you!

Iman Coco said...

yaayy!!!yes ma'am i sure do!!i have some friends who attend upstate too

Yolandaas said...

lovely outfit :)

Plurielle said...

You red jacket rocks! Yeah! I love it ;)