Say Hello To Decemeber!!

Hi guys!!So today marks the first day of December and not too long after will the Winter season be upon us!!!I absolutely love this time of the year and all of the holiday cheer!!My family and I celebrate the birth of Christ through our Christmas traditions at this time of year. So of course it would only be right to have a Christmas Wishlist of things I would to have!!and hey you never get to old for a wishlist for Christmas!!LOL

I am probably one of the only people on this Earth without an iPod!!!

I absolutely would love a pair of Doc Martens!!

I know these are a bit pricey and I know no one that no one in my family or immediate circle of friends could afford these but can a girl wish?!?

I would love to have a 40 inch or larger sized flat screen television!!

This is bit excessive but I seriously want a VW Beetle!!!ahahha

I would so love to have either dog as a gift!!!
and I know they are both on opposite sides of the spectrum!!LOL but I love both!!  

So what is on you wishlist for this holiday season?!?

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