Sincere Topic:Light Skin vs. Dark Skin

First let me start by saying that if you are not of Black ethnicity or race then this discussion might be sort of confusing to you. I will say though that this is just another form of internal racial tension and conflict that just divides a race.

The topic I am going to discuss is the ever continuing "Light Skin vs. Dark Skin" bull crap(yes I said "bull crap" because to me that is I feel towards the problem). This thing is such a damaging issue within our Black community that I truly hate exist. I feel that we as Black people should not find things that make us different as something bad but something that makes up celebrate ourselves.

I personally feel this problem came about a long time ago during the slavery times in America. The slave masters would have slaves working in certain areas due to their skin complexion. Usually the darker skinned slaves would furthest in the fields,while the lighter your complexion the closer a slave was to the house. The slave masters would do this because they believed the lighter your skin complexion, the closer to Caucasian decent you were therefore you were due better conditions and opportunities. Of course this mentality had affect on the slaves as well. Dark skinned slaves would start to think the lighter your skin the "better" you are, while light skinned slaves would start to believe the darker your skin, the less you were seen as a "desirable" or "better" person, therefore this train of thought created centuries of self-hatred and jealous amongst the Black community.

People of all races come in all different shades, shapes, complexions, etc. I really hate to see my own people have an issue with the next Black person next to them because the are different skin complexions. It doesn't make a lot of sense to even have that sort of self-hatred or dislike towards someone else. Honestly, if you were to ask a person from another race to decipher two different complexion Black people, they would just say both people are Black to them. I wish we would see it that way.

Its such a damaging and cycling thing that is going to effect our future Black communities which not what we want at all. I believe we should not look and judge each other off skin complexion, but embrace and love that fact about our community.

Let me know how you feel about this situation and where you stand?


Emmanuella said...

It's really stupid that people of the same race argue on such pointless subjects. We are all black and having african roots but above all we are all human beings and having red blood flowing in our nerves!! People should really stop that!!

Iman Coco said...


Tomilola Escada said...

I just don't even bother participating in this type of argument. I'm light and my sister is dark and anytime we say we are sisters, people doubt us. It's a really annoying and pointless thing to spend time arguing about. It's a good thing you made a post about this, maybe it'll educate alot of ignorant people...xx

Iman Coco said...

@tomilola exactly!i hope for this to happen myself..its so pointless.