Spring/Summer Protective Style:Sengalese Braids

Ok so since my hair is growing longer and thicker,I'm not sure if I want to do my usual fro styles!!!So I'm thinking about doing a couple of protective styles over the spring and summer time while I'm of school. Plus most protective styles are somewhat low maintainence, and that is something I always look for because during my summer break I just want to shop,sleep and travel!!So I'm going to do post during these spring/summer season about some protective hairstyles that you may want to try out!!and these styles aren't excluded to natural hair which is a plus.

Right now I'm so feeling the Sengalese(hope I'm spelling that right)braids a lot.Escpecially the long ones that are like bra strap and longer length!!I will definitely be getting this style this summer(probably sooner than later with this weather already).Check out the pics below and let me know if you will be rocking this look too!!


Fashion Pad said...

I really like this look as well. Get 'em!!!

Iman Coco said...

thanks girl!!yeah im looking forward to rocking this one