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Hi guys!I never really discussed in detail some of my aspirations for the future.Well one of the things that I always had a passion for was modeling and making a statement. When I was in high school I was in the beginning stages of becoming a plus size model. I went to two separate model castings, and chosen to attend a model agency school, but I don't come from a lot of money so my parents could not afford the school tuition;so that dream had to be put on hold.

Any who,when I attended those model castings I was a size a 14/16, and I am 5'7'',so my body was very well proportionate. I will say that when I attended college I may have fallen victim of the "Freshman 15". Already being a plus size girl I was not too happy to realize I gained more weight. Presently I am a size 20/22, which has been brought on by me being less active after leaving high school,not eating properly,drinking alcohol and taking birth control medication.
Honestly I believe that when I went up to size 18/20,I was pretty much okay with my weight and size, and I stayed at that size until I began taking birth control. I knew that one of the side effects of taking that medication would be gaining weight but I thought that I was doing an 'okay' job of not eating too heavy and had become a little active. But I think I did not do a good enough job with that because I still ended up going up a pants size this past year.

So now I have been really paying attention to my health and body image;and before you start thinking it,I AM NOT SUCCUMBING TO THE HOLLYWOOD GETTING THIN IS BETTER THING!.I seriously just want to be back to a size 14/16 or my usual 18/20.In addition to losing the weight I REALLY want to tone up a few body parts,such as my thighs and tummy.
So for the past 5 weeks I have started this new health lifestyle change. Its not a diet or some lose weight quick scheme,its an actual lifestyle change that I will adopt.Its actually very similar to the Weight Watchers plan but the program I found is free and counts calories, not 'points'.
My recommended lifestyle change is to limit my food calorie intake to 2300 a day and my burning calorie level to 950 a day. This new lifestyle change is suppose to help me lose the weight in a gradual and easy way hopefully back down to my size 14/16. I like this routine a lot because I can track my calories that I eat and burn as well eating the things that I want. Its all about portion control with this new lifestyle change and I feel I am can do this.

To tone up my legs and tummy I have found at exercises that works that out for me,but I will admit I don't do them as often as I should, but I will!!To burn calories,it's really not that much that I have to do on a daily basis,like running around a track or anything.With my job I am on my feet constantly for about 6-8 hours daily and that burns a lot of calories on its on. On my off days I will walk around the park or my neighborhood or if its too hot I'll dance to some tunes for 30minutes around the house!

I am really getting used to this new lifestyle change and I feel its not hard to me to make this change even though I have my times where I want to give up. I just have to realize that I won't see results as soon as I want.But I'm really excited to take on this new challenge in my life and become healthier.I don't want to NOT be plus size anymore because I can't see myself as the same person,plus I LOVE my CURVES!

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