Sincere Topic:Why Does Blogging Seem Like a Competition

Okay so this is just a thing I've come to noticed within this "blogger world" lately. Everything seems to be made into a competition for some reason.People seem to be seeking to have the most followers and people checking out their blogs more than just blogging for the fun and freedom of it!Like I really do not understand why there are so many bloggers who are in it for the overnight fame or recognition. I do not understand why so many bloggers seem to define the "success" of their blogs by how many people visit and follow your blog on a daily basis(IN MY OPINION).

IDK?!?Personally my blog is just another outlet for me to connect with others by showcasing my personal style and thoughts on things.Let me know what your thoughts are on this whole "my blog is better than yours" thing thats going on.I really want to hear others thoughts!!


Diwata Luna said...

It's a good thing you are bringing this up as it has been on my mind. And I think one of the main reasons for the "competition" is that some people plan to make money out of their blog or get freebies and event passes, etc. Having more followers and comments will make them viable for such benefits. Personally, I've been enjoying meeting people as well as posting my thoughts and loves. So I'm always glad to fins someone to follow. :) But it's always good to be followed too. :D


Jacque said...

I don't mind competition..I mean why not strive to be bigger and better? the thing that kind of bothers me is when the post quality sucks and all there is is a bunch of pretty pictures smh. Nice post!

Callie Thorpe said...

I am very new to blogging and I am already feeling like it is very competitive. I started my blog as a journey of my weight loss and it kind of then became a fashion and beauty blog along the way. Some bloggers are really nice others sometimes don't even respond when you compliment their blog!

Well any way just read some of your post and enjoyed. Just thought I would say http://fromthecornersofthecurve.blogspot.co.uk/ x

Iman Coco said...

Hi!exactly!I just pretty much stick to my guns with my vision of my blog.I don't see it as a "competition", I see my blog as a hobby but to each its own!Thanks a lot