Natrual Hair Style:Flexi-Rod Curly Fro

The thing I love about this look was how simple it was, and that it can be done on RELAXED too!!It's such a cute and girly style!
I did about 8 flat twist facing forward and 4 two-strand twist in the back(mainly because I can't really flat twist on the back of my head lol)

The only product used was water and my own raw shea butter mixutre(which consist of raw shea butter and about 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil).But of course you can use whatever hair products you want!!

Then I rolled each twist with medium sized flexi-rods!!

And I just let it air dry over night.But if you're in a hurry you can always sit under a hooded dryer.

I took down the rods and twist and Voila!!Curly cute fro!!


Lace N Leopard said...

I tried this the other day and it went ALL types of wrong!! LOL I think my ends are too straight..Needless to say I chopped like an inch and a half last night lol


Iman Coco said...

LOL OH NO!!Try it with smaller ones and use some mousse or setting spray(if you didn't already lol)that may help some!

ShariGold said...

love how your hair came out! im gonna try this i never used flexi rods after twisting lol maybe my hair will actually look better this time around. THANKS!


Iman Coco said...

yeah girl i love this style!i will be used many times lol thanks