Sincere Topic:More "Natural" Hair Products Popping Up?!

I've only been "natural" for about two years and within the last year I have noticed a huge change in the Ethnic Hair Care aisle and stores!! They all seem to be carrying all of these new natural hair products!Now don't get me wrong, every since I could remember I've always seen natural hair products like things for people with dread locs and such. But I have never seen this many new products and companies aiming for the natural haired sisters like recently!I mean I've even seen television commercials advertising natural hair care products,which I have NEVER in my life seen before! Mind you I've even noticed the increased number of  "natural" hair models in magazines and other types of television commercials, so I'm sure this has a lot to do with the new increase in the ethnic hair care aisles. Like I remember when I had relaxed hair, that was the major hair care item you would see in stores, but now that there is this "natural hair movement" hair companies are trying to adapt!

I find it pretty ironic and a little funny that most of the same hair companies that aimed all of their products to relaxed hair are now adopting new products for natural hair to stay afloat and relevant. Now I have no problem with this increase in products and the availability of it now,I just find a little humor in it. Like I sort of think the companies that are making products for natural hair now, are scared of going out of business because a lot woman aren't buying their relaxers anymore. I seriously feel that in the NEAR future most ethnic hair care aisles and stores will predominately be selling products aiming to natural hair.

Yet I still disagree with how these new "natural" hair companies are and will be taking advantage of newly natural ladies by a few false promises just to make a quick buck in the hair industry. Not saying ALL of the companies will do that, but I have a feeling(just from past experiences with relaxed hair care products)its definitely going to happen.
A side note too:Every since this natural hair movement thing, I've noticed even more weave/hair extension companies are also making more curly and natural looking weaves to please some women who might be interested in having a natural look since they think everyone else is doing it.

What do you guys think? Have you noticed the increase in a natural hair influences?


Fashion Pad said...

I have definitely noticed a shift in the ethnic care products. Supply and demand....that will do it every time!

Iman Coco said...