Weekend Looks:Lace,Sheer and Wash n Gos!

Look was worn at SC Summer Music Fest. Top:Lace Dress via Its Fashion Metro,Leggings:Target,Shoes:Torrid,Vest:Thrifted.

Don't know what happend to the flash, but I still like this pic lol..and NO there was no liquor in this cup(it was like 90degrees at night so all I drank was water LOL) and YES my lace bra showing is a part of the look lol.

Excuse the faint look on my face,but I was about to pass out trying to get a few pics outside lol. Jewelry: Forever 21 and Its Fashion Metro.

Another Wash n Go with the hair!

Maxi dress worn out of town with the family! It was freaking 109degress that day!! Dress:Forever 21


2 Fashion Addictz said...

I love you in th maxi dress. You look fabulous.

Iman Coco said...

thanks you so much!!i love that maxi