Sincere Spolight: Dinesha of DeeJay Speaks

1) What made you decide to start your blog?

My name is Dinesha Johnson and  I started my blog because I loved the idea of an online scrapbook, something to look back on for certain parts of my life.
2) How long have you been "blogging"?
I've been blogging since the 9th grade but I almost don't count back then because I didn't know what I was doing lol  I was simply testing the waters but I restarted my blog December 26th 2011.
3) What would you want people to know about you from your blog?
I want people to know that I have a lot dreams,goals and aspirations and that I will achieve them but I'm only human and sometimes things don't always work out but to stay determined. I want people to know my personality and understand how creative I am from my blog.
4) What is your personal style?
My personal style is all about prints,bright color and sparkle. If I can't have an awesome print then it better be an amazing bright color, if it's not an amazing color then it better sparkle lol. I'm all about subtle boldness to each of my looks something to be spotlighted even in a casual look.
5) Where are your places to shop(online and brick and motar)?
My places to shop online hmm Ebay! If I'm not shopping at Ebay I'm at a thrift store or the mall scouting.
6) What made you become a naturalista?
My hair was an ongoing battle. I didn't want to keep getting perms, because the perm ate my hair, and then I didn't want to flat iron because I hated sitting through the process and sometimes I would get burned ugh it was bad and then I decided hey why not try going natural. I went natural and have not looked back I gained more from it than I ever thought I would.
7) What are your favorite hair products to use?
 My favorite hair products to use are olive oil,shea butter, and aloe vera oil my hair is very low maintenance I deep condition with Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle it works wonders.


Love your blog, and beautiful natural hair!!Keep it coming girl!!

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