Hi Guys!!I know I've been such a bad blogger lately but I'm back on track now!A few new changes have been keeping me busy!With the fact of Fall classes just starting back in August,its my senior year of college so I've been focused on getting my routine and habits for school down pat first!With getting back in the groove of classes starting we also moved into a new place about 2 weeks ago!I must say I LOVE THIS PLACE!!Its a cute two bedroom with a fireplace(excited about Christmas decorations already).We pretty have everything in place to be at home,but we're still missing a few things such a dinner table and a mattress for the bed in the 2nd bedroom!!But while in the search of all this I've been slowly decorating the rooms in the house to begin our new home decor!!

Here are a couple of pictures of some wall decor I've bought:
Living Room Wall Decor

Living Room Wall Decor
For the living room I want to do a New York/The Big Apple kind of theme because after college graduation my plan is to move on up to the big city LOL. The top two were purchased from Marshall's Department Store and the bottom is actually a set that came from Burlington Coat Factory!I will so be making trips to both stores for more decor!

Main Bedroom Wall Decor
This awesome piece came Big Lots retail store for only $5,so you know I had to purchase this one. This is a lovely view from a French cafe.For the main bedroom I was thinking of a black/white/sepia colored travelers theme.

What do you guys think of the room theme ideas?


Gypsy in the City said...

Welcome back!

I love the NY theme in your living room! I want every piece! lol

xo Ada


Sincere Coco said...

Thanks girl!!!hahaha you should check out your local discount department store to see the deals on decor!!

Diwata Luna said...

I love the change in your blog. And the new font is really cute. :)

Sincere Coco said...

@diwata thanks girl!!