So I know,I know...I am so late on this!

Well if you guys have been following me for awhile you will know I've been on a new healthier lifestyle change!Meaning being more active and eating right!So I have an occasional sweet tooth that screams for ice cream or chocolate!!I've been eating "regular" yogurt for awhile now and was becoming curious about "fro yo"(frozen yogurt).

This past weekend while in the mall with the hubby we saw a new frozen yogurt place where you could build your own concoction!!I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I HAD BEEN MISSING FROM FROZEN YOGURT!LOL

I am in LOVE you guys!It taste EXACTLY like ice cream to me but so much healthier(the plus+)!I guess my main point was to let you guys know about the tasty alternative to ice cream if you haven't already tried!I know for sure I will be snacking on this "fro-yo" from now on and not feel guilty afterwards!LOL

So would you try it?If you have,did you like it?

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