I'm Planning My First Clothing Swap Event!!

So I got this idea from reading a magazine on hosting my own clothing swap party!!Now I've seen and heard about these things,but never attended one!So I'm a little anxious on how its going to go down,but I'm very excited!

I'm thinking of inviting about 10-15 ladies that I know would LOVE to attend. I think this could be so much fun, and a great excuse to hang with the girls!!

What's better than getting free clothes,socializing with friends and.....


What do you guys think about this party?Have you ever attended one?If so how was it?

P.S. Stay tuned for more on this!!


Fashion Pad said...

That sounds like a FAB idea! I've heard of clothing swaps but never really considered how beneficial it would be. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Roslyn Housel said...

A clothes-swapping event? That sounds fantastic! How did the event go? Wow, I would like to do one with my friends. That sure is one cool way to bond and have new dresses to fill my closet. Can anyone spell LBD?
[Roslyn Housel]