Okay.....lately I've been a little obsessive with my hair,but for good reason. I've been noticing that my hair is NOT as healthy as it can be and I DO NOT LIKE IT!
I've noticed that my roots are dry and my scalp becomes itchy quicker than EVER before.
I've also noticed that my hair is a bit too frizzy at times!

Now I've done a bit of research and here are my conclusions:
  1. Since it is now cooler weather temps my hair is suffering from the weather conditions!
  2. I need to find BETTER deep conditioners
  3. I need to BEGIN doing MORE HOT OIL TREATMENTS on my hair
So those are the few things I'm sure are the culprits for this unhealthy head of hair I've been dealing with lately!! :(

I want to know what you ladies recommend?
Are you experiencing the same things?How are you handling them?


Dawn (Sassy) said...

Hi Coco..This is interesting, because I recently went natural about a year ago. However, I have been wearing wigs, because I am really nervous. My hair has really grown and I looks really pretty, but I am still nervous. :) What products do you currenly use...anything is better than what I have been using.



Sincere Coco said...

@Dawn lol I hear you and congrats!!!i cant wait until you wear it out!!But as far as my regular usage of products, it would be leave-in/moisturizer:raw shea butter that i melted with extra virgin olive oil.I then seal it with the olive oil!and thats about it really!lol