Trip to Asheville, North Carolina!!

On the road, headed to the mountains!

We made it!! Asheville, North Carolina!!

About to head out to explore the town!

Honey looking fresh!

Highly recommended!

I had this burrito with pork,queso and plantains!!!Delicious!

Cool artwork at the restaurant!

Stopped for coffee at this double decker bus!!so cool

yes...those are basketballs lol

I caught him taking a picture of me!!

Jacket:The Gap,Sweater:Thrifted,Leggings:Lane Bryant,Boots:Payless,Bag:Burlington Coat Factory

very candid OOTD lol

This cool looking high school!Looks like Hogwartz!

We finally made it hiking!

We were soooo far up I hadn't realized it until I zoomed in on this little farm LOL


pretty high elevation! there were a lot of "ear popping" going on

my mountain man!

Hat & scarf:Charlotte Russe, Top:Vanity Fair, Pants:Forever 21+, Boots:Timberland

This will not the last time you guys will see me taking this trip! It was so breathtaking and refreshing! I was erry quiet, but such a pleasant sound!
If you're searching where to go for your next vacay definitely look into the Blue Ridge/Appalachian Mountains! You'll never forget the sights!


Emily Rousell said...

It looks amazing, I am so desperate to visit America!! x


BELULOVE said...

love it!!!!! kisses

Sincere Coco said...

@emily ohh you will love it!!!i soo want to visit Europe!!I'm planning on renting a flat one year in London!
@Belulove thank you!!

sismade said...

check out this giveaway sweetie*

ontheqtrain said...

You and your honey look so cute together. Love the photos as well girl ;)

Nay Mah said...

Hey dear, great post lovely pictures you look adorable:)
i nominated your blog for the liebster award on my blog http://naymahsworld.blogspot.com you can check it out if you like....i know your blog isn't new bt to me its still very new & stylish:)


Take me to Tarah said...

The food alone made the trip seem worth it! LOL This looks like a refresher. I'm glad you had a good time.
Thanks for visting my blog.
Your visits make my days sweeter.
Take me To Tarah