Spring Break 2013:Bahamas Cruise

First night on the ship!

Lounging in the "Serenity" lounge deck.

Perfect views

On our way to the secluded Blue Lagoon Island

The huge Atlantis Casino and Hotel

Our lunch area!

It was so breathe taking!

Babe enjoying the views!

The weather was so wacky! One minute it would rain and the next it would stop, while being in the mid 70s LOL

Got caught by the rain again LOL

Going to see some dolphins!!

Sea lions being fed!

Spectacular views

Discovering Nassau!

Discovering Freeport a bit!

This trip was amazing!There was nothing I would have changed the entire time! I wish had more pictures of the fun times at Freeport,Bahamas but my camera died!
I have more pictures on my instagram that I took with my phone!!

How was your spring break?what are your plans if you haven't gone yet?


Miss.La'Quia said...

You look like you had a good time!

Fashion Pad said...

I love your photos and you guys look soooo cute! I'm trying to plan a cruise with the bf as we speak.

Sincere Coco said...

@miss @fashionpad thank you ladies!!it was awesome!def recommend it!

Ashley Walton said...

your pictures are beatiful! i cant believe we were on the same cruise and didnt even spot each other lol! How was the feeding the dolphins, i wanted to swim with them, but i chickened out last minute?

Kiah Torres said...

Such a sweet couple. These pictures are beautiful! So jealous! haha

Sincere Coco said...

@ashley LOL thank you!!!so were yours!!it was very fun!!it looked like you guys had fun as well!!
@kiah thank you so much