I'm a bit obsessed! Plus a tiny update!!

Hey guys! Long time no post, right?! I have been soo darn busy with focusing on graduating from college, and getting a good start on my career choice, that I have been neglecting my blogger fam!

I so miss the blogging world!I have barely been on my favorite bloggers website too(so you know I've been busy lol)

Any who, I am back with my usual love for fashion,music,entertainment and everything in between! I love communicating with you guys on here!

But a bit of an update with me!
I will be officially graduating from college with my Bachelors degree this August(so exciting and draining)!!
I've moved into a new place(September 2012 to be exact)!
I even purchased my very OWN car this year(very exciting)!
And, I'm also planning to move to Atlanta,GA in very near future!

Ok so my obsession with moving to ATL came about this past month when I traveled there to attend the most amazing concert EVER....my girl Rihanna!

It was my first time visiting on my own, just for pleasure. I wasn't sure on what to expect when I got there, but I darn sure got my expectations surpassed! When we first arrived in ATL it was a lot of major traffic on the highway(it was about 5PM),so right then it caught my attention on how heavily populated the city is! Once we got through it all, we made our way to our downtown hotel, which was literally smack dab in the middle of downtown. We were literally less than 10 minutes away from the Phillips Arena, which was where RiRi was performing that night!

Of course while moving my way into the concert I saw SO many fashionable women and men who were all over the place, and I absolutely loved seeing that! I saw people dressed like they ate,slept and breathed fashion(such as myself)!! Once I left the concert, my boyfriend and I roamed about downtown ATL to see what their night life had to offer and we were not let down at all!! It was pretty awesome to finally be in a city that always had something going on.

The next day we went shopping in stores that we don't have where I live, such as H&M,Urban Outfitters and Buffalo Exchange! I love to shop and I definitley loved the fact that there were so many shopping opportunities for me out there!LOL

So all in all, after our trip my boyfriend and I were definetly sold on moving to ATL to expand and create opportunities for ourselves!

Now my only thing that I'm a bit hestiant about is WHERE to live?

If you know about any good areas in Atlanta or closely surrounding areas PLEASE let me know!


Miss.La'Quia said...

Well when you do move!!! Welcome to my city Atlanta!!!!

Fashion Pad said...

Oh wow congratulations to you hunni! What a fabulous achievement :-) I have family and friends that reside in ATL and I enjoy the city everytime I visit. Great choice!

Sincere Coco said...

@miss thank you!!we're thinking Sept this year since our lease is up then!
@fashion pad thank you so much!!yes I feel that city is the place for me right now!!