Dear Fatkini.....I LOVE YOU

Yes Yes Yes!! I wore a TWO PIECE bathing suit while at the beach in Florida! I found this lovely number on Forever 21 website and purchased it the same day!! I was very afraid to wear it but then again I thought about how the only critic was myself! I felt that if someone had a problem with looking at my body in a two piece bathing suit than that is a PERSONAL problem,not mine! So ladies and gents if you're feeling as if someone with judge you for exposing your skin at the pool or beach, forget them cause honestly no one really cares!! Enjoy the warm weather and cool off in whatever what you feel like wearing!!

He sure as hell had no problem with it,so why should I?! Love yourself and I promise everyone else will no choice but to do the same :)


Dawn Gibson-Thigpen said...

You look great! Beautiful teeth!

What part of florida did you guys go too?



Sincere Coco said...

@dawn lol thank you!!!we visited jacksonville!!!so beatufiul

Fashion Pad said...

I LOVE your bikini!!! You look awesome boo!