I'm offically an ATLien!!!

Hello Hello Hello my blogging lovies!!Man oh man how have I missed you all!!
Let me start by saying that I have a great excuse for not being the ye ole faithful blogger that I used to be!
1.I have recently graduated from school(so the real world is kicking my butt)
2.I have moved to Atlanta,GA
3.But I am living in a hotel(hence lack of the outfit post)

Now if you guys remember a while back I had a post up about how I fell in love with the poppin city of Atlanta!Soooooo since then I have been job hunting religiously and finally the break I deserved!

I am beyond excited about this move because I feel there are so many opportunities in store for me here!

I'm even planning on attending fashion school to get my masters degree in fashion design so that I can get even more in depth training!!

I am still in the process of looking for a home(let me know of any recommended areas to check out) because this hotel living is not for me!

Only negative about this move is that I am separated from my love!!Now in a perfect world we both would have got job offers here but of course that did not happen!So rather taking a blind leap of faith and creating any financial strain on us,we decided to live apart for awhile.
Now living apart has been a bit hard for us, but we have such a strong a connection that we never pay attention to the physical distance between us!Plus we visit each other every other weekend,so the we're never feeling as if we're missing each other too long!!

I absolutely love it here!I am traveling,getting lost(on purpose),and discovering everywhere I can here!I love how there is always something going on like festivals,events,concerts,celebrity spotting's,etc!!

I am always looking forward to the next day for more exploration and opportunities!!

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Courtney said...

Congrats on your big move! & congrats on finding a position!! Before you know it you'll be moved in to your new house and knowing ATL like the back of your hand! :)