Butterflies & Beaches

Butterfly Center 
Hi Guys!! So you know I absolutely love to travel but every since we've moved to Atlanta I have had to research places to visit.
Now one convenience I loved about living on the coast was the close distance to the beach! Well I didn't realize the closet coastal beach from me is about 4 hours away ( contrary to my usual 1 or 2 hour drive).
I was elated to find out about a very nice man-made beach on a lake about an hour from my home!

So we packed up and headed to Callaway Gardens to soak up the sun and outdoor fun!

After sightseeing at the Butterfly Center we decided to take a walk in the sweltering summer heat one of the many walking trails.

Calloway Brothers Trail

These tree leaves were unreal!
We ended the trip with a few hours on the beautiful and serene man-made lake on Robin Lake.

Until next time!!

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Fashion Pad said...

Nice trip. I love nature walking trails. Me and the bf are ready for a getaway!!!