Being Pescetarian

Hi guys!! So for the past year I have been living as a pescetarian! Some of you may be scratching your head asking 'What in the world is that?'.
Well by definition it is one who chooses to exclude all meats EXCEPT seafood from their daily diet.

I chose this lifestyle due wanting to try new things while going through a transitional period in my life. I was new moving to Atlanta,GA with a fresh outlook on really beginning my adult life! I had begun being more conscious of what I was eating since I had fallen in love with cooking my own meals. I noticed how my diet was not exactly 'grown up' food all the time,so I reevaluated how I grocery shopped and dined out.
Knowing that I wasn't the biggest fan of meat in general I decided on becoming a vegetarian.....then I realized how much I would miss eating meat LOL. So with more research I came across pescetarianism and found my silver lining.
Now with this decision being made I also had more factors that attributed to my choice. I've always had stomach issues when it came to meats(my body just didn't agree with most of them). There were times where I would regurgitate(or almost) when I had a bit too much pork or chicken. That such an annoying thing to deal with or think about when you're just eating!

Like with most lifestyle changes, RESEARCH RESEARCH and........RESEARCH  was key to making a successful transition.
Books I read*:

Websites I read*:


Pescetarian Journal

Where I shop*:

Brands I buy*:

*What's listed are not the only ones for me.

I will be documenting more on where I shop,cook and dine!!


Bren Murphy said...

Love your pictures and the magical way you have shared all about your story - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

Fashion Pad said...

What an awesome post. I tell people all the time that you can't just jump on a major lifestyle change without doing your research. I've recently started meal prepping and, while exhausting at times, it really has been so much better for my health and mental state, lol.

Sincerely Coco said...

@bren thank you!
@fashion pad I know!!Lifestyle changes like that can't be done so cold turkey!!Meal prepping is exhausting but it's def well worth it!!