MY Natural Hair Regimen

OK so I have been a natural going on 1 year and 7 months(yaay me!!). This has been such a great journey which I am still on and will continue be on!Even though it has been almost a year and half I am still learning things about my hair everyday and trying new products and routines to find that most to perfect hair routine for me!!So the products I will mention today are mainly the products that I have been using constintaly over the past 8 months or so.

I wash my hair weekly or bi-weekly with these products. Works very well with my hair and gives my curls a lot of moisture but gentle cleanses. This is the conditioner which is used after I shampoo. Price:$8.99

This is the shampoo that I mainly use when I am washing my hair. It is a sulfate free shampoo so its really gentle on my hair but gets the job done. Price:$8.99
I am using these products for now to mainly get rid of them. They are not bad products, I just prefer my Chi Curl Preserve system line. These are a bit less expensive and can be found at just about any retail store such as Target, or drug store and Beauty Supply Stores. Price:$7.99/piece (Larger bottle sizes)

I absolutely love this leave in conditoner. I have no problems with using this. I have been using this since I was transitioning last year. I love the smell and slip it gives me when I need to detangle. I use this every time after I shampoo my hair(with either shampoos). Leaves my hair feeling very soft and moisturized for days after first use. Price: $5.99
I use a raw shea butter mixture that I created which works very well on my hair. I mixed in extra virgin olive oil and morrocan argan oil into this. I use it as an everyday moisturizer on my hair before bed and when I am doing any dry or wet still, such as two strand twist. I love the moisture it and sheen it gives to my hair. My hair looks and feels amazing soft all day. I would recommend this product to anyone. Price:$5.99(shea butter by itself)

This is the actual brand of Argan oil that I use on a daily basis and is mixed in my shea butter mixture. I love this oil a lot. I use this to seal in the shea butter mixture after I apply it to my hair. Its gives my hair a great sheen and helps to keep it soft. Price: $12.99(prices vary by brand.there are plenty of different brands that have argan oil products.)
Extra Virgin Olive oil is such a must in your rountine, whether you are relaxed,texlaxed or natural. This is a great oil to have when deep conditioning or even as a en everyday sealing oil. I use it when I am doing my hot oil treatments. It gives my hair SO MUCH SOFTNESS AND SHEEN IT IS RIDICULOUS. I also have this oil in my shea butter mixture. Price:$5,99-up(prices vary by brand)

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