Book Review:Nasty Secrets by La'Tonya West

So you guys know that I got a Kindle for my birthday so I have been reading novels in my free time like crazy!I love reading and having that device to find books about whatever, whenever was great for me. So this was one of my first novels I purchased on my Kindle for like 99cents. I'm a huge fan of erotica,fashion and mystery books by the way.

When I came across this book I had to see what it was all about and I must say after reading it there is a big surprise that I did not expect to happen. But from the summary I read I knew I wanted to see what juicy stuff that happens(no pun intended)LOL. But the book is basically about a love triangle that is not very common. A normal couple that lives together is doing fine until the guy's sister moves in with them. His sister is a lesbian and his girl just so happens to be a little bi-curious. There was no time wasted when the two ladies started their love affair behind the guy's back.

The girlfriend then fell in love with the sister and out of love with the boyfriend, leaving her feeling all kind of awkward ways living with both of them in the same house.So their affair last for months and months behind the brothers back, or so she thought. I don't want to give away the "nasty secret" in this story but I have to say is the girlfriend was not the only one having a secretive affair.....get your read on people..great novel!!


PURPLE said...

we have the same taste in books! I would LOVE to read this bool but I hate buying books because I only read them once. Reading the same book twice annoys me. Unless it's the Bible. lol

Iman Coco said...

@purple I know right..thats why I only purchase books that are some sort of sale,like this one was 99cents and I read it in alike a day lol

Yolandaas said...

thanks for the sweet comment.. take care .. x