Creeper Craze

Alright so we all know about how trends and fads work...they're sometimes short lived or around for awhile then disappear. I am in love with this trend/fad of the Creeper shoes that I have been seeing lately. I haven't really seen them worn that much in the U.S. but they seem to be the biggest thing in Europe right now,and probably for awhile now. I was sort of surprised to see these shoes become such a huge thing worn by a lot of people with different fashion because those shoes are mainly worn by most underground goth dressers. But I am having thoughts about purchasing a pair because their are some cool styles that I am so in love with.

These are most of the styles I would love to own but the price is only thing that sort of holding me back. I'm not sure if I want to spend $80 or more on a fad...mmmmmm?????

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