Makeup Review:CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Pressed Powder

Walmart $6
Ok so you may have noticed that I am not a big make-up user. Now I have been like this because I do not know all the make-up techniques and all that jazz, plus I feel that I do not want to look made up,yet I want my skin to look very natural,clear and radiant. So I decided to try out an inexpensive brand of make-up by Covergirl. I decided to go with the pressed powder for my foundation make-up instead of the liquid form because I wasn't sure of how it would look on me. I feel like the liquid form of foundation is a bit more time consuming for my schedule,so that was another reason I sort of left that idea alone. Most people use the pressed powder as a finishing powder on top of liquid foundation.

As far as how I feel about this product,is that I am in love and I am very happy with my results. I love the flawless and natural look his makeup gives me. I don't wear it everyday but when I do I can tell a difference in discoloration in skin looking more even and radiant. I love how it doesn't make me look like I have a "made-up" face,yet clear,radiant and smooth skin. So if you're a girl that is interested in finding a natural looking, light weight foundation, I believe this is a great choice, quality and price wise!!My color is 555-soft honey and I could not believe how much it blended so well.

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