Hi guys!!!IM SOOOOO FREGGIN SORRY for not having any new post in awhile. It is that time of the year that every college kid hates...end of the semester finals.So I'm so worn out with getting school work in and studying that when I'm not working I'm napping LOL. On top of stressing with finals I have been SUPER slammed with producing a fashion show at school for one of my classes! Not only am I helping on the production but I volunteered myself to be a student designer with producing my own clothes for the show!!!How fregging exciting and nerve wrecking is that?LOL But anywho the show is April 14 and I still have a few finishing touches and model fittings before the show...and yes my clothing line is catered to the curvy, plus size girl!!I'm really excited about this guys and I will definitely post pics after the show!! Thank you ladies for being hanging in there with me!!I will get this blog running on its regularly scheduled program very soon!!LOVE YOU GUYS

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