Hair Product Review:Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue & Curly Butter Creme

Yesterday(7/11/12) I co-washed my hair and decided to do a wet twist-out. I recently recieved my free samples from MissJessies.com so I could try out some products I was thinking of purchasing. Now these products are pretty pricey so I wanted to make sure with small samples rather than make that huge purchase. I used the Curly Butter Creme as a moisturizer and the Curly Meringue as my styling creme for each twist.

Once I finished my twist I really noticed the shine the products gave my hair, as well cutting down on the drying time a bit. My initial thought of the Curly Butter Creme, which is what I put on my hair first, was that it made my hair feel like I put oil on it rather than a creamy moisturizer. Now I was not expecting that result but it was okay. Then when I placed the Curly Meringue on individual sections for the twist, I noticed how much stretch and shine it gave my to hair. I loved that result from the Curly Meringue!!
My Next Day Results

My results the next day after my untwisting my hair was So So. I wasn't amazed with how my hair felt.It didn't really feel as soft as I was hoping or moisturized, BUT there was nice sheen to my hair. I've had my hair feel way softer than this by using my own Raw Shea Butter mixture.
So will I be purchasing these items?
Most likely not, due to the price of the products and the mediacore results I got.
Would I recommend?
I would recommend this product to any naturally curly person who has the money and might be curious about other products!


Ms.Fashionista said...
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Iman Coco said...

I wish I had wavy hair at times myself because the frizz monster attacks curly hair a lot!!!LOL I sure will check it out!

2 Fashion Addictz said...

Your hair is too cute!! I'm also a natural girl and I LOVE IT!!