I'm A 90s Baby!!

I was born January 14 1990!!
I believe that 90s were such a revolutionary age with a lot things, like technology,TV shows,music and fashion!!
I find it kind of funny to see how things have changed so much just from 22 years ago!
Sometimes I just want the good old days from the 90s back,where there was less judgement,censorship and a lot of other crap!!!
Here are just a FEW things I dug up that I loved about the 90s!!

If You Don't Remember Any of These Characters Then You're Not A 90s Baby lol

Every kids in the early 90s knows the importance of this show!!

One of the BEST Teen Drama Shows!!

When it all started!

I loved these guys music and style!!

Who didn't LOVE these ladies?I wanted to be Scarey Spice and Posh Spice for the longest!!

How could you not recognize these moguls!!

Loved this show to death!!I used to watch for the fashion ALWAYS

Remember the Grunge fashion trend?LOVED IT lol

Remember these 90s trends?
Now I know these images brought back some memories!! 
What are some of your favorite memories from the 90s?


Diwata Luna said...

'90s baby here myself! Oh yeah! Was happy to see the Spice Girls reunite for the musical. :D


Iman Coco said...

LOL YAAYYY!!!I would have LOVED to see them!lol