Sincere Album Reviews:Fortune by Chris Brown & Wild Ones by Flo Rida

So I'm sure a lot you have heard of Chris Brown and Flo Rida!!Both which happen to be southern artist and recently had albums released on the same date, July 3,2012.
Now each artist are quite different though.Mr.Brown is a R&B and Pop artist while Flo Rida is a Pop/Electro/Techno Rappper!! I took a listen to each albums, and they're pretty good. Of course each album has a few songs that I could do without so in my opinion these aren't really on my favorites lists!!But if you're looking for some great dancing songs with catchy hooks then I'll recommend these two!! Take a listen to a few of my faves off each album!!

Fortune by Chris Brown

Wild Ones by Flo Rida

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