Sincere Review:The Fall of The Dark Knight

So last night(or early this morning) my hubby and I went to see the midnight showing of The Fall of The Dark Knight!!All I really have to say is this movie was by far the BEST action film of the summer!! This movie had so much action you could never catch a cat nap while watching!I'm such a Batman fan and this movie definitlely did not fail at disappointing all the DC Comic fans! This Batman movie involved the villan Bain,who was a STRONG competitor to fight against Batman!It also introduced the lovely Catwoman which was played by Anne Hathaway.Omg she blew me away with her performance, just like the rest of the cast!! Even if you aren't a Batman fan I would still recommend this movie because of the action and the emotions it pulls from you and make you feel apart of the movie!!

Me and babes showing our Batman spirit lol




Dr. Reginia; The Social Mistress said...

I've never seen a batman movie. I may check it out based on your recommendation.

Iman Coco said...

they are some great movies!!you'll like it