Bad Pictures from My Costume Party!

My honey as "Paul Bunyan"!
Omg I CANNOT believe I FORGOT to take pictures of my look for Halloween!!I was so focused on being a good host I totally forgot!!

But I was able to find some tagged photos from Facebook so you guys could see my costume(somewhat of it atleast lol)

I had so much that night!I loved that everyone came dressed in a costume because it made the vibe so funny!

Oh yeah,I'm not exactly sure what the name of my look is,but it's something like a Voodoo Gypsy Hippie lol


Sola ante el espejo said...

Great post! Kisses.

Monique said...

you totally pulled it off!! looks like fun times!

Diwata Luna said...

Not so bad photos. :) I know that look from an Anne Rice novel!

Sincere Coco said...

@Sola Thanks!! :)
@Monique Thanks!!it sure was!!everyone asked about one next year lol
@Diwata lol thanks!!