My Halloween Costume Inspiration

Not exactly sure what the name of my costume will be but I will definitely have these influences mixed in!!

What's Your Costume This Year?


Monique said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love your hair lady. Were you in Cuba? Awesome I want to go there badly. Cute Cuba tank.

Stephanie. said...

I'm gonna be a flapper!

And I'll be wearing the costume [almost] all day. Hehe, I'm excited! I'll even post it!

-Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

Julian Tanoto said...

love this post <3 what a nice blog ! wanna follow each other? :)

Journal J

Sincere Coco said...

@monique thank you!!I just posted a few pics of my look!!And no I was at a beach in SC!
@Stephanie that sounds so cool!!i would love to see the photos of that look
@julian thank you!!sure will!