My Minimalist Wish List!

So for some odd reason I have had a fashion crush on the whole minimalist style. I am a little obsessed with the simple, clean lines of this look. It always looks so chic and yet easy!

  1. Cardigan-Forever 21
  2. Midi Dress-Forever 21
  3. Kimono-Asos
  4. Loafers-Forever 21
  5. Dress-Forever 21
  6. Matching Jacket and Pant-Asos
  7. Maxi Top-Forever 21
  8. Duster-Boohoo
  9. Loafers-Forever 21
  10. Dress-Asos
  11. Sweater-Boohoo
  12. Pleather skirt-Boohoo

1 comment:

Fashion Pad said...

I love the minimalist look as well. Every now and then I like to step out of my comfort zone but this style is definitely my staple!